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Decrease Weeds with Proper Mowing

Jun 20, 2023

Decrease Weeds with Proper Mowing

On the Lawn with Dr. Brad

As a homeowner, your maintenance practices have a direct impact when it comes to the state of your lawn. This includes your mowing habits! Mowing your lawn to the proper height can actually help to prevent weeds and crabgrass among your turfgrass. During the summer, we want our lawns to look and feel their best, and that means keeping them healthy, green, and free from weeds and crabgrass.

While a lawn care program that includes weed control is important for creating the ideal lawn, proper mowing is part of the equation, too! Mowing your lawn too short can actually increase the amount of crabgrass, while mowing to the proper height of 3 inches can help prevent it. To showcase this, our own Director of Operations, Dr. Brad , visits the O.J. Noer Turfgrass Research Facility with the University of Wisconsin-Madison to share a study which proves that your mowing practices can have a huge impact. Keep in mind - the plots of grass in this video have not been treated with weed control products - in 13 years, only mowing height and fertilization have influenced the results. See for yourself!


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