Dormant Madison Lawn

Wake Up Your Madison Lawn

Jun 20, 2023

Wake Up Your Madison Lawn

Early Spring Lawn Care

Did you know? As the snow starts to melt, your lawn is looking for the nutrients it needs to begin to awaken and green up again. With Weed Man Madison's lawn care program, you'll receive an application of granular, slow release fertilizer to start the spring season - feeding your lawn and helping get it back in tip-top shape after experiencing a state of winter dormancy. We'll also control spring weeds popping up in your lawn, and weedy grasses as well. Your Weed Man Lawn Care technician will continue to provide fertilization and weed control service throughout the summer and into the fall!

Join our very own Dr. Brad on the lawn, with a quick tips video on the best way to help pull your lawn out of dormancy and prepare it for the season. 


Have questions about your lawn? Weed Man Lawn Care Madison is here to help! Give us a call today at (608) 268-2022.

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